Founder Of MEGA888 - Michael Tan

Founder Of MEGA888 – Who Invented MEGA888 APK?

The question of who is the Founder Of MEGA888 is a prominent one. Previously not many people knew about him. But of late, he has grown in popularity and fame. This has led many curious minds to probe further about him and his ingenious online casino MEGA888. Enough of suspense! He is none other than the billionaire Michael Tan. A young and pure homegrown Malaysian citizen with great aspirations and dreams.

Michael was born and raised in a small town called Taiping in the state of Perak in West Malaysia. His family owned a grocery shop and his parents were hard workers. This made Michael very independent and responsible at a very young age. Working in a bakery shop during weekdays after school and at his parents’ grocery shop on weekends taught Michael great discipline in life. Michael took on the burden of caring for his siblings and being a filial and responsible child. This was a great asset to him in his career life too.

What Led The Founder Of MEGA888 To Start This Online Casino Venture?

Upon finishing his degree in Information Technology (IT), Michael got a job as an IT developer creating video games. He excelled in it and received many prestigious awards from his company. Michael realized that he had a strong passion for creating video games which were a huge success among many gamers. Plus, at that period too Michael was an avid casino enthusiast and worked part-time as an agent with a famous casino.

This got him thinking and with a team of 10 of his best friends, started MT Ventures Sdn Bhd. They were churning out awesome video games that people were crazy about. Michael’s love for casino games kicked in and thus out of this inspiration MEGA888 online casino sprung up. Within a few years, it grew in popularity and soon enough, Michael was the youngest billionaire in Malaysia to run an online casino.

What MEGA888 Offer To Gamers To Attract Them?

Why People Love To Play MEGA888
Why People Love To Play MEGA888

Michael knew the Malaysian market well and what they were looking for. Malaysia had Genting Highlands Resort, the only land-based authorized casino for people to gamble. It was way high up in the mountains as not to offend the Islamic rules in Malaysia. Thus, people had to travel for hours to play their favorite casino games. It was a good holiday escapade for the whole family, but a tiring one too.

During this period, online businesses were blooming worldwide. Michael decided to use this opportunity and thus spring up MEGA888 online casino. It was an online business and had no physical appearance in Malaysia. It did not break any Islamic rules and available 24 by 7 for all to play and win.

Michael made sure that MEGA888 online casino provided the best in everything. The areas that MEGA88 excelled in were:

  1. The best of the best in video games experience. It had the captivating elements of sound, color, and vibrancy that caught many gamers’ eyes. Michael was a video creator and thus he knew what gamers wanted to see and experience.
  2. A 24 by 7 customer service support. Everyone would face problems any time of the day during the gameplay. So Michael ensured that there was support staff on standby any time of the day. The support staff was personally handpicked by Michael and most had tertiary education and vast exposure to casino games. Those newbie support staff were given continuous on-the-job training to mold them into better support staff. A world-class support team in action.
  3. A wide variety of game choices from slot, table, and arcade games. There was always something for everyone to play.
  4. An abundance of freebies in the form of welcome credits, top-up credits, birthday credits, and jackpot prizes. Even a TEST ID account to test play most of the games for free became available.
  5. Fast to register, fast to top up, and fast to withdraw the winnings. This was the motto of MEGA888 online casino. In this fast-paced world, everyone wants things fast. 

How Michael Tan Help The Malaysian Community During The Early Stages Of The Covid-19 Pandemic?

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Genting Highlands Resort, the only authorized Malaysian casino was on the verge of closing down. Malaysian economy was taking a great hit as no income was coming from Genting. The founder of MEGA888 Michael stepped in and gave free TEST ID to all to play in MEGA888 during the lockdowns. Through this, many Malaysians were able to kill boredom and at the same time learn some new strategies and skills in playing online casino games. Most of these people went on to try the MEGA888 online games with their own money and have won thousands of dollars. Many articles in the newspapers and the internet raved about many Malaysians winning huge amounts of money during the early pandemic lockdowns.

Thus, Michael helped the Malaysian economy to survive during the pandemic period. He paid all his income tax dues promptly to the government too.

Is The Malaysian Government Doing Anything To Support The Founder Of MEGA888?

Malaysia Goverment
Malaysia Goverment

The Malaysian government has realized that Michael had helped a lot during the pandemic period to boost the economy. MEGA888 supported the government when the Covid-19 pandemic loomed in as a surprise and hit the whole world. It is high time for the Malaysian government to give MEGA888 online casino the authorization that Genting Highland resort has. Genting seems to be a thing of the past as the “new normal” procedures forbid people to congregate in one place for entertainment. Hope the Malaysian government would open their eyes on this and give MEGA888 online casino its proper accreditation.

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