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How To Win In Baccarat – Tips For Beginner | By Joker13

Baccarat is an exciting game to play but only a few choose to try their hand at it. It is a game of pure luck and thus many players feel it is full of suspense and intrigue. However, Baccarat is both simple to learn and play. A game of baccarat has three possible outcomes: Player win, Banker win, and Tie. The “Banker” does not refer to the casino here. Participants in the game have the option to bet on either the player or banker’s hand. Once you have placed your bets, there is nothing at all for you to do except to keep track of the winnings and losses. The dealer is the one who does all the hard work and this leaves the players on the edge of their seats biting their nails.

Whichever game a player plays, the first thing they look for is how to win in the game and Baccarat is no exception. We are now going to take a look at some tips on how to win at Baccarat.

First Tip – Know The Cards Point Value

To play and win at Baccarat, you need to understand the logic behind the game. The logic means how the winning comes into play from the stack of cards that are in use. The card comes from an 8-card deck, and the cards have point values.

The point values are:

  1. Aces are worth 1 point. (Not 1 or 11.)
  2. Numbered cards are worth whatever number they have (2 through 9).
  3. Face cards (the jack, queen, and king) are worth 0.

You need to know this by hard as this determines what happens when the cards are put in gameplay.

Second Tip – Know The Banker’s Cut

It is normal for the casino to take a cut of the proceedings during a game when you bet on the banker to win. This represents the house edge and is how the casino makes its money. Keep in mind that the bankers cut should be in and around 5%. Go for the lowest commission every time.

Third Tip – Know Money Management

This money management tip will help you in more ways than you can imagine. It is very important to take your winnings and walk while you are still ahead. It is so tempting to keep on playing, but no matter how slight the house edge is, it is going to catch up eventually and pull you down. You have to learn to control your roller coaster feelings that make you feel invincible when you have a few winnings. Walk away before the house takes back everything and sends you plummeting. Remember to calculate the banker’s bet commission in any Baccarat money management plan.

Fourth Tip – Know the Baccarat Bonuses In An Online Game

If the online casino is giving free credits as bonuses, just collect and accumulate as it is risk-free money. While playing baccarat online, you can use these bonuses without risking your cash reserves. This gives a head start to beat baccarat quite quickly without a lot of risks.

Fifth Tip – Know That Lady Luck Controls Baccarat

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how good your win baccarat system is, it involves lady luck. Anyone who plays baccarat for a living can and will confirm this. No matter what, lady luck has a role and no Baccarat tips and tricks can overcome her influence.

If you play a few games and it is not working for you, walk away and come back another time. Trust your instincts, especially if you are an expert player at Baccarat. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you lady luck isn’t with you today, and betting again is futile.

Sixth Tip – Know How To Manage Your Emotions

Never let your emotions out of control but it happens far too often. One of the main reasons is that when we see those digits stacking up in the ‘winnings’ column, it automatically causes you to lose focus and perspective. Stay sober and refocus after a big win. Let the excitement settle, stop playing for a while if you have to.

Last Tip – Know Which Online Casino To Join To Win In Baccarat

Of all the tips given above, this is the best and a must. As a player, knowing how to play Baccarat is one thing but joining a trusted online casino is a real must. You may win and in the end, the online casino cheats or deceives you in some way, you have no one to complain to. You are left stranded and all efforts lost. You cannot even go to the police as you playing these online casino games at your own risk. You can complain about casino forums and get the casino on the blacklist but it is not going to give you your winnings back. You can go to court but all this is going to incur extra cost for you.

Why You Should Only Play Baccarat At Joker13 Online Casino Malaysia?

Why You Should Play Baccarat At Joker13
Why You Should Play Baccarat At Joker13

t the present moment, Joker13 is the most trusted online casino for Baccarat. Its owner is none other than Michael Tan, the proud founder of MEGA888 online casino. Joker13 comes with a wealth of games to keep every gamer happy. Not only games but it excels in various things like signing up and registering, depositing and withdrawal of money, 24 by 7 exceptional customer support, and above all TRUST. Playing Baccarat at Joker13 is a breeze and the maximum withdrawals can be up to $1 million a day. This surely makes many gamers’ hearts jump and miss a beat.

Therefore, just contact the support team at Joker13, and registering only takes a matter of minutes. The support team will guide you till you start playing the games. The support team gives very well advice on which games to play. As a welcome bonus, there is a 100% free credit bonus and this will be helpful to kick start your Baccarat gameplay. To make it more pleasing and attractive, Baccarat has many pretty casino dealers to liaise with. What more can you ask for?

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