MEGA888 The Top 1 Online Casino Game In Malaysia

MEGA888 – Why You Should Play MEGA888 In 2021 | By Joker13

Currently, MEGA888 Online Casino is a hot favorite among Malaysians and Asians. Its accolades have brought it to a new height of stardom that many other casinos are jealous of. In 2019, it was still ranked behind 918kiss online gambling APK. But in 2021, MEGA888 is the most played gambling game in Malaysia. Data from shows that, on average, 823K Malaysians search for the keyword of MEGA888 on Google every month. How was MEGA888 able to achieve this stardom within 2 years? Let us now see how MEGA888 defeated 918Kiss in just two years and became number one.

Frequently Under Maintenance

Firstly, 918Kiss was frequently under maintenance, this is something that irritated and bothered online casino gamers. Some say that the boss of 918kiss had Covid and the staff could not manage the daily operations. This led the casino to be under maintenance for months and many of its loyal gamers left to look for other alternatives. MEGA888 was steadily functioning and gaining momentum during this period when 918kiss was facing problems. Thus ultimately all 918kiss gamers joined MEGA888. Today 918kiss is back but MEGA888 has won over its customer base. Plus, we still hear Apple users are still not able to download 918kiss. So naturally, this will force gamers to switch to MEGA888.

Better Gambling Experience

Secondly, MEGA888 offers a Better Gambling Experience. The owner of MEGA888, Michael Tan has invested millions of dollars and time in creating awesome games that gamers would like. Michael himself was a video creator once and he knows the taste and likes of people in the gaming arena. The games from MEGA888 were vibrant in colors and sound, eye-catching, and brought back memories of games that gamers had played during their childhood. Ultimately, these games gave gamers a better gambling experience when compared to 918kiss.

Utilizes Social Media

Thirdly, MEGA888 Utilizes Social Media to Present its Digital Marketing. We are living in the digital era and everything evolves around the social media platform. All data can be easily shared and obtained through the social media platform. Gone are the days of phone calls and emails. Now everything is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, and Telegram to name some. On average per person looks at his or her social media accounts hundreds of times per day.

Better Customer Support

Fourthly, Better Customer Support. MEGA888 offers the best customer support 24 by 7. It has a well-trained team of experienced support staff that is readily available any time of the day. The support team handles tasks like registration and sign-ups, deposits, sending links to download the games on their mobile devices, troubleshooting installation issues, solving any other problems faced by gamers, advising on which games to play, and finally the withdrawal process. Thus, customer support plays a vital role and overtaken 918Kiss.

Support Local Online Casino Business

Fifthly, Malaysians now prefer To Support Local Online Casino business. When Genting Highlands was the only authorized land-based casino, all Malaysians were there doing their bettings. When online casinos like 918kiss popped up, some gamers ventured into it. But sad to say that there was no authorization of legality. Most gamers played taking a risk. When MEGA888 came around and it being an authorized Malaysian product, all Malaysians showed their loyalty.

Giving Cashback 5%

Sixthly, Giving Cashback 5% For Players Once per day. MEGA888 is much sought after for its bonuses and free credits. Gamers get to use these bonuses throughout the game and if they win using the bonus, the money is theirs. Now with the Cashback 5% For Players Once per day, it’s even hotter. Gamers will receive a 5% Cashback of their total Loss based on their latest transaction. This is a crowd-pleaser and puller.

Are There Any Free Credits During This Lockdown Period?

Definitely Yes. From the start MEGA888’s dream was to help Malaysians make some money as a form of extra income. This will help the unemployed at a pandemic period like this. It also gives the MEGA888 Test ID account for free to test play most of the games on the platform.

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Is MEGA888 Legal?

The only legal gambling entity in Malaysia as of now is Genting Highlands. Even Genting Highlands is fading away as the government’s “New Normal” policies continue due to the pandemic. Thus the only thing left is that MEGA888 should be made legal as a land-based casino in Malaysia. Michael has given a lot back to the community when the pandemic started. Michael started his 2nd project JOKER13 but because of Islamic law and rules, had to relocate to Cambodia. In Malaysia, gambling casinos cannot be found on premises where people live and survive. This will have a detrimental effect on them and a nuisance to the government. That is why Genting Highlands is far far away from where people dwell. The government makes it clear that if you want to play casino games, you will have to travel to a location that is far away from the public’s eye.

It’s about high time for the government to give MEGA888 the recognition it needs. When the economy was down Michael helped in various ways to stabilize the economy. He ensured that MEGA888 abided by all Islamic laws and did not break any rules. Michael also paid all his taxes and dues promptly. So, it is time for the government to give back to MEGA888. But for now, MEGA888 has been approved by the government, and also BNM (BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA).

How Covid-19 Impact MEGA888 Business?

The covid19 pandemic has caused great impacts on many businesses worldwide and in Malaysia too. Some have wrapped up and closed shop. The pandemic has caused many businesses to go online and thus no more physical retail stores in Malaysia. But from the start, MEGA888 Online Casino has been an online business as Michael did not want to break any Islamic laws governing casinos. With no physical appearance in Malaysia and being online, MEGA888 Online Casino is the first fully licensed online casino in Malaysia.

So has Covid19 caused any impact on MEGA888 Online Casino. Yes, it has but in a good way. It has caused the MEGA888 Online Casino business to bloom as many people had to stay home during the lockdowns that the Malaysian government implemented. Many lost their jobs and had no steady income. They had a lot of free time and nothing to do. Thus, Malaysians turned their attention towards MEGA888 Online Casino. Many success stories have come out in the newspapers and on the internet of many Malaysians winning huge jackpot prizes during the lockdown.

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