How And Why You Should Get Yourself An Online Casino Free Credit During MCO 3.0

Online Casino Free Credit – Claim Your Free Credit During MCO 3.0

Most online casino sites in Malaysia are the same. They offer a vast variety of games by one or several of the most reliable providers and give Online Casino Free Credit to entice new gamers to join. This Online Casino Free Credit comes in the form of bonuses. These bonuses differ, and the most attractive ones lure in more gamers. Some of these bonuses are a welcome bonus, top-up bonus, weekly cashback bonus, referral bonus, and birthday bonus. Malaysia casino’s no deposit bonus is the juiciest of them all because as it is obvious from its name. Malaysia Online Casino Free Credit “no deposit” bonus requires no deposit from the new gamer. Besides, the Online Casino Free Credit, all other processes like payment methods, withdrawal process, and Terms and Conditions come into play too.

How Does Online Casino Free Credit Work?

Firstly, it is available only for new customers when they sign up and create an account with the online casino. This only takes a matter of minutes with minimal questions asked

Secondly, an email with the username and password is sent to the new joiner. The first level of security starts here. The new joiner has to immediately change the password upon logging in.

Thirdly, the free welcome bonus in the form of Online casino free credit is put in the new joiners account. The free credits come in 2 ways. They are:

Free Spins

When you play any of the online games, these free spins can be put to use to help the gamer get more money. These free spins are very useful as they might help to trigger the jackpot rounds.

Bonuses Money

This comes in handy when you need more money to play the games. The best thing is that any games you win using this bonus money are yours to keep.

Why You Should Play With Free Credit During MCO 3.0?

The most sought-after online casino in Malaysia is JOKER13 currently. Many Malaysians consider JOKER13 as a one-stop casino entertainment hub. This is because JOKER13 has high accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness that Malaysians want and desire. JOKER13 aims to be the best among the rest in the casino gaming industry. JOKER13 wants Malaysian to enjoy, relax, and have an awesome fun-filled pleasurable time playing the games and making money. JOKER13 only allows players who are 21 years and above in their platform and this is a strict protocol by the JOKER13 professional. The games that JOKER13 offers are Live Casino, Sports, E-Sports, Slots, Poker, Fishing, and Lottery.

This Is How To Claim

Step 1

Register at JOKER13 through the customer support team who is available 24 by 6. They would only ask minimal questions and within 10 minutes your registration is over.

Step 2

Deposit a minimum of RM50 through customer support and a 100% welcome bonus would be put into your JOKER13 account. Besides, this means that you have RM 100 now in your account to engage in gameplay.

Step 3

Start looking for the game you desire to play and start playing the game with the RM 100 you have. The tips on playing any game in JOKERS13 are to choose one game that fascinates you, play that same game numerous times, start your bet small and build it up, and lastly know when to stop and walk away.

How Covid-19 Impact Online Casino Free Credit?

Covid-19 has caused a great impact on many businesses and JOKER13 is no exception. JOKER13 and MEGA888 are from the same umbrella owned by Michael Tan. When Malaysia had its 1st lockdown, Michael stood by the Malaysian government and gave his full support. MEGA888 gave out TEST ID accounts to all new joiners to help them learn most of the games free of charge and to save them from boredom. This led to many gamers mastering the strategies behind the games. A lot of them went on to use their own money and won huge amounts of money. It came out in the newspapers and the internet too. Sooner than Michael could see, it too took a toll on his business as many did not play with their own money and those that did got it back 10 or 20 times more.

Therefore, with JOKER13, Michael is giving out free credits and this too is going to cause a huge impact on MCO3.0. A lot of money going out but only a minimum is coming in. Michael is providing the best in everything. On the other hand, a steady flow of income must come in to maintain and introduce new games, the best in customer service, the best in the gaming experience, and the best in fast withdrawals. To maintain all these, Michael needs money. He had helped the government a lot during the first MCO. At least the government could do is make MEGA888 and JOKER13 the official casinos of Malaysia as Genting is slowly becoming a thing of the past.