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Online Casino Malaysia – How Covid-19 Impact Online Casino Malaysia?

Just a decade ago, when you said Online Casino Malaysia, many names would pop up in online casino gamers’ minds. But nowadays, when we talk about Online Casino Malaysia, it always rings a bell in gamers’ minds of MEGA888 and Joker13. These 2 casinos have become the talk of Malaysia since Michael Tan put them in the limelight. Since both are online casinos, they offer a multitude of games and great winnings. But of late the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world upside down and Online Casino Malaysia is feeling the pinch too.

How Covid-19 Impact Online Casino Malaysia?

How Covid-19 Impact Casino Malaysia
How Covid-19 Impact Casino Malaysia

Online Casino Malaysia has been the frontier of an online business from the start. There is no physical appearance of the casino anywhere in Malaysia but it made big amounts from players from Malaysia and around Asia. But when the pandemic struck without warning, many gamers were working from home with pay cuts and no overtime. Some had to resign and face termination. Those working from home had little money to spend and thus they got the TEST ID accounts to test play most of the games for free. The gamers did play some games but were very selective of the games and they were there just to win.

This impacted Online Casino Malaysia a lot as many employees were working and they need to pay them a salary. There was no money coming in and this was draining Online Casino Malaysia badly. Many staff was let go and many worked doubly hard to cover for the staff that has left. This made the staff miserable and soon they too were losing interest in working in Online Casino Malaysia.

Another thing that was put on hold was the research and development projects that the team from Online Casino Malaysia undertook to keep the gamers happy and excited. Since there was a lack of funds, it was put to a stop. There were no new updates on the games and gamers were getting bored playing the same game over and over again.

There was nothing the gamers could do. Besides, Online Casino Malaysia was doing its best to keep everyone happy.

Can I Report Online Casino To PDRM?

Online gambling is illegal. But there is this fine line that differentiates it from being legal or illegal. Online Casino Malaysia has followed all Malaysian Islamic laws on allowing it to operate in Malaysia. Firstly, it cannot have a physical appearance in Malaysia as Genting Highlands is still the official land-based casino till now.

Secondly, it has to be in a faraway location from where society lives and dwells. The citizens do not want any detrimental effects on their young children. Online Casino strictly abides by all these laws and thus an online business. So, do you think the question of reporting Online Casino Malaysia to PDRM will work? The police would say that you played the games at your own risk and thus you have to bear the consequences of a mishap happens. If this happened at Genting Highlands, immediate action would take place by the police.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Malaysia?

In Malaysia, only Genting Highlands casino is legal to operate. It has abided by all the Islamic laws and thus located far away from where civilization lives. All online casinos can operate but they will not get any protection from the police or government. To operate they will get a license but this is a cloud license and not a land-based one. That’s why many gamers look for casinos that are overseas to steer away from the problem of being caught.

How to File A Report If I Am Cheated By Agent?

If an Online Casino Malaysia cheats you, for sure you cannot go to the police, It will be like you are exposing yourself to the police, which in turn might arrest you. So there are 2 things that you can do if such a thing happened to you.

1. Look For Casino Forum And File A Complaint

By doing so, you are letting the people in the forum know that scammers have got you from this online casino. Of course, they are not going to fight a case for you but they will publish this on the forum and blacklist the online casino that scammed you.

2. File A Legal Action

This might or might not work but it is worth the try. If the scammer is a blacklisted online casino, nothing much could be possibly done except to blame yourself for your blunder. On the other hand, if this online casino is not under the blacklist then you stand a chance. Do remember that this is going to be a long trial and a lot of money will be spent. Firstly you need to Contact the Online Casino. Speak to the Online Casino Malaysia first to see if you can strike a deal. They might be legitimate and this must have been a misunderstanding caused by their staff.

Secondly, Get a Specialist Lawyer. This is important as you need someone good to fight for you. The online casino does not have a physical appearance anywhere and it might cause a problem for the lawyer. Only a lawyer specialized in online casino scamming can take the issue well for you. Thirdly, Get Prepared to receive a Settlement even if you are right. The online casino might try to buy you out with a great settlement. Lastly, if you do not agree to the settlement then Go to Court. As said before these might take a few years and you will have to bear with it.

What Is The Best Online Casino Games In 2021?

The first is Slots. This is one of the most popular gambling games to play. Online slots will provide you with hours of fun, as well as offering you the opportunity to win real money on one of the many progressive jackpots available.

The second is Roulette. Roulette might be one of the oldest casino games out there. Simply spin the wheel and see if your number comes up.
The third is Blackjack. This hugely popular card game is a digital favorite and is now available in a huge number of variants that will keep you busy for months on end.

Fourth is Baccarat. Sophisticated, yet simple to learn. Baccarat is playable online at a variety of limits, allowing everyone to enjoy the gambling game once favored by royalty.