Online Casino Malaysia - The 4 Must Do Before Joining Online Casino

Online Casino | The 4 Must Do Before Joining Online Casino

Have you ever thought of making a buck or two from playing games on Online Casino Malaysia? The first thing that strikes anyone’s mind is which Online Casino Malaysia should they join to make this extra income. To answer this daunting question, there is a list of self-checks that gamers can do before finding or joining a trusted Online Casino Malaysia.

1. A background And Safety Check

Safety is a definite must and a top priority. Players love to bet real money online, so Online Casino Malaysia must adhere to a strict set of security measures. For protection purposes, always double-check the security credentials of Online Casino Malaysia. Another thing to note is the encryption processes and data handling policies used.

2. Payment Process

Nothing kills the thrill out of a big win like a lengthy withdrawal process. For this reason, always look into the payment processes used by Online Casino Malaysia. Pay particular attention to the speed at which payments go into processing. Plus also consider the deposit methods for a wide range of different banking options made available.

3. Customer Support Online Casino

Look into how customer support works. How easy it is to contact the support team, and how helpful the team is when it comes to resolving potential problems. Is the team available 24 by 7 or only during office hours? How long does the support team take to resolve an issue? All these questions help the player to gauge the performance of a support team.

4. Fairness Of Games And Game Testing

Many Online Casino Malaysia boasts about a vast collection of games, and often these include brand new releases designed to draw in players. The attraction of a great game selection is there, but checking the fairness of these games is a must. Ensure that the Online Casino Malaysia is fairly regulated and whether its games are entirely available for all players. Most Online Casino Malaysia offers TEST IDs to new members to test play most of the games. Once all these self-checks are over, the player can daringly join the Online Casino Malaysia.

Who Is The Best Online Casino In Malaysia?

Malaysia currently. Undoubtedly in Malaysia and Asia are MEGA888 and Joker13. By now most of the gamers know that MEGA888 and Joker13 are under the same umbrella, owned by Malaysian Michael Tan. Both of these online casinos fit the self-checks that are stated above. Let us look at each one in detail.

Firstly, MEGA888 and Joker13 offer famous games in Online Casino Malaysia. Some of the games are:

1. Baccarat

Sophisticated, yet simple to learn. Baccarat is playable online at a variety of limits, allowing everyone to enjoy the gambling game once favored by royalty.

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2. Roulette

Roulette might be one of the oldest casino games out there. Simply spin the wheel and see if your number comes up.

3. Sportsbook

Sports betting enables players to put their predictions to the test as they guess the outcome of popular fixtures and races. Enjoy betting on football, rugby, cricket, and horse racing.

4. Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games in Malaysia, and indeed around the world. There are plenty of variations for you to explore at Online Casino Malaysia.

5. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the world’s oldest real money games, and it is still preferred by many players. Try your luck against the dealer in this old favorite.

Tight Firewall Online Casino

Secondly, MEGA888 and Joker13 are under a tight firewall that is not hackable easily. There is a team of IT experts on a 24 by 7 watch for hackers and violators. Even if the hacker manages to hack into the system, there are many levels of the firewall to bypass before reaching vital information and games. All hackers will face persecution.

Support Team

Thirdly, is the support team. The support team takes care of most of the processes in Online Casino Malaysia. They start with the registration and sign-ups which take only a few minutes to process. After this, the username and password are sent by email to the new gamer. Furthermore, the security feature starts here as only the player gets to know this information. The moment the gamer gets the password, they have to change it. The support team does not stop there. They guide the gamer on how to install the application on their mobile devices. Plus the support team also gives very good advice to gamers on what games to play that would return a win.

Payment Process

Fourthly, is the depositing and withdrawal payment processes. To start the ball rolling, the gamer has to make a deposit to play the games. Some gamers do not know the steps on depositing the money to the Online Casino Malaysia. The support team will be always there to guide them. Once there is a winning, the player’s main aim is to make a withdrawal. The support team would do a small verification and ask the player to take some pictures as proof of winning. Upon doing this, within 30 minutes the verification process would be over and the winning amount is sent to the players’ local bank account.

Testing Of The Games

Lastly, the testing of the games. The players lack confidence in playing most of the games and the support team cannot be available to help them play all the games. So, the support team issues TEST ID accounts to players to test play most of the games. The TEST ID allows the player to play the games without depositing any real money. Moreover, free credits are available for the player to play the games. Through this TEST ID, the player learns all the underlying strategies that lie behind playing each game. Besides, the only drawback is that the winnings from the TEST ID cannot be withdrawn. Therefore, choose your Online Casino Malaysia wisely and play your favorite games to your heart’s content.

Why Joker13 Is The Best Online Casino In Malaysia?

First on the list under the best online casino in Malaysia is Joker13. Joker13 is the 2nd brainchild of Michael Tan, the CEO, and founder of MEGA888 online casino. Joker13 is a one-stop casino entertainment hub with a high profile that sings accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness. More than 100 Slot games and all of the Joker13 games are playable on the website. There is no necessity to download on mobile devices. This means that the games are very mobile responsive. There are more than 150,000 players currently and with 7 years of experience, Joker13 is waiting to give the utmost service it can. Let us take a look at what Joker13 has to offer.

Great Promotions

Joker13 offers great bonuses as promotions to bring in gamers to their website. These bonuses become yours during registration. Some of the bonuses are Joker’s Choice 100%, Harley Quinn’s Pick 50%, Suicide Squad’s 20%, 3% HAHAHA, Batman’s Midnight, The Lucky 13, Baccarat Kill Streak Challenge, Guess What?, Why So Serious Cash Rebate, daily 5% cashback and weekly rebate.

Some Member Benefits

Joining Joker13 comes with many member benefits. These benefits make the new gamers feel very welcome and comfortable. Some of the benefits are easy registration with no complications, easy hassle-free payouts upon winning in a jiffy after some verification, many levels of tight security and safety to safeguard all vital information from scammers, and exceptional customer support 24 by 7 to help solve all issues.

Games From Joker13 

Joker13 draws and attracts gamers to its website with its awesome games. So, Joker13 provides various games to please all gamers, whether new or seasoned. The general categories of games in Joker13 are Live Casino, Sports, E-Sports, Slots, Poker, Fishing, and Lottery. Each category draws gamers and only those who play all these games can vouch for this. But, Slot games are the most popular in any casino and Joker13 is no exception.

Helping Malaysians And The Malaysian Economy

Amidst the Covid19 pandemic period, Joker13 played a big part in helping Malaysian and the economy to survive and bloom. It gave out many jackpots wins and many Malaysians won numerous cash winnings. It was in the local newspapers and internet. Not only that, Michael the owner paid all the monthly dues to the government when Genting the official casino was not operating during the pandemic. This helped the government tide over during the Covid19 period in early 2020.

Is Online Casino Legal In Malaysia?

This question draws a fine line between legal and illegal. Genting casino is the only physical casino that has the license to operate in Malaysia following the Islamic rules and regulations. The Islamic rules state that the physical casino cannot reside in residential areas where people live and dwell. This would cause a detrimental effect on the Malaysians living in that area. Its location has to be far away from where people live and difficult to reach. That is why Genting Highlands Casino resort is way high up in the mountains and takes at least 2 hours to reach.

In Joker13 case, it is an online casino that has no physical appearance in Malaysia. Thus, it is not violating any Islamic rules. People from all over Asia are participating in the games. So, it is safe to say that it is legal as many Malaysians have won many great winnings in the bonus rounds and have come out in the newspapers and internet.

Why Do People Prefer Gambling Through Online Casino Instead Of Genting Casino In 2021?

With the current pandemic situation and following the New Normal practices, it is impossible to go to Genting casino to play the casino games like last time. The online casino makes it much easier for anyone who just wishes to play casino games in the comfort of their homes. No need to dress up and travel for many hours just to try your hand at casino games. Everyone is turning to online casinos and Joker13 is top on the list.

Right now, the Malaysian government has released the MySejahtera mobile application. Once you have done your registration for the vaccine via MySejahtera, you can claim free credits at the Joker13 website. Here are the steps below:

  1. Firstly you need to download the MySejahtera app and install it on your mobile device.
  2.  Secondly, register as a member of Joker13.
  3. You need to prove to the customer service support from Joker13 that you have registered for the vaccine through MySejahtera.
  4. After some verification, the support staff would credit the free credits to your Joker13 account.
  5. It’s time for you to enjoy all the games in Joker13 for free.

What Is The Most Common Language Of Online Casino?

When it comes to registering and signing up with an online casino, an often overlooked component is the language. While the most common language across online casino sites tends to be English, there’s no arguing that it is much easier to play most comfortably in your native tongue.

Your browser will typically translate a page to the language of your choice but this does not completely bridge the communication gap. If the site, itself, does not offer your necessary language choices, this can lead to a highly confusing experience. Once translated, areas of the site, such as the terms & conditions may no longer make sense, or its meanings may come off differently than intended, causing you to interpret the terms incorrectly.

It can lead to a series of problems when it comes to game rules, claiming bonuses, fulfilling wagering requirements, and other details imperative to regular play. Luckily, it has become commonplace for online casinos to offer an interface in multiple languages, as a means of providing the most comfortable and convenient atmosphere for players. It means that not only will there be a set of terms, and other key details formatted in the given languages, but there will be customer representatives able to assist in those languages as well.

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