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Sports Betting – Where Can I Bet On Sports? | By Joker13

In Malaysia, sports betting is extremely common, with the vast majority betting on football. Due to a shortage of choices in the legal market and the fact that most of Malaysia is subject to strict Sharia law, many people are turning to online sports betting despite its legal status. Offshore sportsbooks provide punters with the opportunity to bet on their favorite sports with some of the best odds available anywhere. Malay odds get support by a large number of sportsbooks. You can bet on parlays, teasers, head-to-head matches, straight bets, money line bets, and much more.

How To Choose A Sports Betting Site With Ease?

Besides, to choose an online sports betting with ease, check out the Bonuses and Promotions offers, mobile accessibility, customer support, and ease of use first. Then see the promotions on the sportsbook for exclusive offers to new players. Many offer welcome and first-deposit bonuses, typically with a 100 percent match. Some Online Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions are:

  1. Registration Bonuses.
  2. It is available for everyone. 
  3. These may be worth $1,000 or more.
  4. To benefit, you do not need to compete with others or make the right picks. 
  5. Boosted Odds 
  6. Available on an ongoing or even daily basis
  7. Increased payout with improved odds on select odds
  8. Often offered on high-profile events
  9. Contests
  10. Prizes for winning a betting contest can be as high as $500,000
  11. It’s a lot of fun to compete with other bettors to see who has the best handicapping skills
  12. Many contests are available weekly, providing plenty of opportunities to cash out
  13. VIP and Loyalty Programs
  14. Just like your favorite coffee shop, many betting sites will reward you for coming back
  15. These programs typically offer free bets, but rewards such as free vacations or new vehicles aren’t unheard of.

Are Sports Betting Legal In Malaysia?

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, online sports betting is officially banned. The fines differ depending on the law you violate of. Only live casinos are legal for about 40% of the population, and pari-mutuel horse racing is the only form of sports betting permitted. Moreover, if you intend to gamble on online sports betting, you’ll probably be left alone by law, if you bet responsibly using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

What Are The Popular Sports To Bet?

What Are The Popular Sports To Bet In 2021
What Are The Popular Sports To Bet In 2021

In Malaysia, football is without a doubt the most common sport for sports betting. The Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup, and FA Cup are the ones most heavily chosen by bettors. The UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and FIFA World Cup are also all common betting options.

Malaysians do online sports betting on a wide range of sports other than football. Basketball is popular, and the Malaysia Dragons of the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is a hot betting team.

Cricket, volleyball, and even badminton are common sports to be on. Betting is available on several American and foreign sports, including the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Aussie Rules football, and the UFC. Some sportsbooks also accept bets on different esports competitions.

Do Bettors Have To Pay Taxes On Their Winnings?

Malaysia is a gambler’s dream because there is no tax for gambling winnings. Instead, it levies a 25% tax on all income received by licensed casinos and operators. If Malaysia changes its sports betting laws in the future, don’t be surprised if it also changes its tax laws. But for now, savor your tax-free income!

How To Make A Deposit?

How To Deposit
How To Deposit

Since online gambling is illegal in Malaysia, your options for depositing to an offshore sportsbook will be restricted. Banks routinely block gambling transactions, so credit cards and bank account deposits are out.

An e-wallet is the best choice for you. You use an e-wallet to transfer money from your bank account or credit card to the e-wallet, which you then use to pay for items online. The most popular e-wallets among online sportsbooks are Skrill and Neteller. To make a deposit, you’ll almost certainly need to convert your MYR to EUR or GBP. Other potential options include EntroPay and PayPal. EntroPay allows you to make payments using USD while PayPal allows a wide variety of currencies.

Mobile Betting On The Rise

On the other hand, If you’re always on the move, you can use your mobile device to place bets. Most sites include mobile betting as well as exclusive deals for mobile bettors. Many websites will allow you to bet using their mobile-friendly website. Simply use your device’s web browser to access the site and experience the same functionality as you would on your home PC.

Though useful, some mobile apps can lack unique features as compared to the regular PC site. Any restrictions are usually mentioned in the app description. We recommend checking out your site’s mobile promotions. These offers are in addition to any on the PC site and range from free bets to match bonuses and more. Details can be found in the promotions section. You may need to access the site via your mobile device to see available mobile promotions.

In A Nutshell

There are several practical factors to consider when selecting the sports betting that’s best for you. They are:

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How often do the odds change?
  3. How early are the lines released?
  4. How much of a cut does the sportsbook take?
  5. Do they offer a wide variety of lines on your favorite sports?
  6. Is this sportsbook legally accessible from where I live?
  7. Is the sportsbook Safe and Legal?

If all these questions are positive and favorable for you, then you can embark on this journey of online sports betting with no fear and qualms.

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